1. Develop process to track test environments required for QA and Industry testing across various functional groups
  2. Create short-term plans to deliver environments to support sprint-based development
  3. Coordinate activities of release engineers to automate the setup and configuration of test environments
  4. Monitor and guarantee uptime of test environments
  5. Provide ongoing support for test environments
  6. Communicate test environment availability to project management and other stake holders
  7. Develop KPIs to track efficacy of test environment delivery efforts
  8. Resolve conflicts between teams competing for limited testing resources
  9. Move test environment activities toward a goal of 100% automation
  10. Provide estimates for onboarding of new projects to test environments
  11. Design systems to support continuous delivery and adapt test environment management to support on-demand, self-service automation
  12. Forecast environment requirements based on anticipated future demand from multiple application development teams