Required Skills:

  • 8+ Years Proficient with the IBM Information Management System DC
  • Knowledge of IMS Transaction Manager (IMS/TM), Explore how these facilities work together and how application programs interact with them in today’s complex enterprise systems.
  • Installation, patching, configuring and problem determination for IMS.
  • Building and management of IMS in a highly available environment on the Mainframe platforms
  • Work with and manage an IMS system: Data Communications (DC)
  • Systems/Applications Management
  • Troubleshooting/Performance Tuning of IMS

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Analyzing user requirements involves examining the application documentation for the IMS function required and the expected workload.
  • Collecting online requirements concerns specifications for IMS system definition, system data set allocation, and initial JCL.
  • Preparing the IMS network involves interaction with system and network generation activities.
  • Establishing security procedures encompasses the design and implementation of a security strategy.
  • Developing an operations plan produces operations control documents and provides for audit of the control of production cycles.
  • Forming a monitoring strategy results in monitoring the system and gathering performance data.
  • Establishing criteria for performance leads to performance analysis and tuning activities.