Required Skills:

  • Experience in banking and financial domain.
  • Focus on supporting the mobile CI/CD workflows, as well as web & mobile BFF.
  • Ensure security vulnerabilities are identified and resolved early in the development cycle, including updating server images and patches.
  • Familiarity with iOS Build and Deploy Processes including generating Certificates and Profiles for both Development and Production builds Familiarity with Android Build and Deploy processes.
  • Familiarity with Flutter Modules and Plugins Bitrise (or other Mobile CI/CD Solutions) Fastlane GitHub Webhooks, access tokens Confluence documentation for CI/CD processes
  • Mocking Services Open API and/or Swagger Familiarity with Wire Mock Supporting QE with pre/post conditions for Appium support (ie. supporting the ability to set a specific end points response for supporting a test case)
  • Assist QE in maintaining test data for mocking services BFF/Backend Support (not so much the dev ops side of things, but more the lower region supports here)
  • Ability to troubleshoot microservice environment and determine where the root cause of a lower region issue exists
  • Ability to engage with other teams to fix lower region environments Ability to document how systems interact at a macro level to assist with troubleshooting in the future