Skills and Responsibilities:

  • Knowledge of IT security and infrastructure. This is one of the most important qualifications required to work as an IT Infra Auditor.
  • Risk assessment: Another major skill required in a successful IT Auditor is the ability to properly assess risks and determine which are the most pressing versus those that can be addressed at a later time.
  • Analytical skills: An IT Auditor should be able to properly analyze various aspects of an organizations information system.
  • Written and verbal communication: IT Auditors must be able to write detailed reports as well as communicate and collaborate with other employees to find the best courses of action for each issue.
  • Interpersonal skills: Given the wide variety of people an IT Auditor must speak to on a daily basis, they must be able to easily create working relationships and get along well with all types of people.
  • Self-educating capacity: IT Auditors must stay abreast of all IT-related discoveries and conventions and be able to learn new skills quickly.