QHRtechworx is your trusted partner for comprehensive Staffing Solutions and Recruitment expertise QHRtechworx is your trusted partner for comprehensive Staffing Solutions and Recruitment expertise

Your Trusted Partner For Comprehensive Staffing Solutions and Recruitment Expertise

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We Hire

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Our solutions

QHRtechworx is a staff augmentation firm that specializes in providing highly qualified permanent and contract staff for knowledge based and highly skilled roles. We bring together our extensive knowledge of the industry with our all-encompassing network of hiring partners to make sure our clients receive the best talent available at any given time.

Whether you are looking at ramping up operations, are in need of specific skill sets or looking to manage a surge and/or seasonality in your business; we shall develop and deliver a time sensitive, cost optimized and quality driven solution. Because we are a boutique firm, our services are flexible, agile and adaptive. We leverage technology to make our operations efficient and maintain a robust governance.

We use data visualization to measure process effectiveness and recruitment quality. Our governance protocol leverages advanced analytics to measure conversion at each stage of our process and the health of the recruiting pipeline. Periodic reviews with clients and internally, helps drive effective performance management and transparency.

Permanent Staffing

We provide comprehensive permanent staffing solutions tailored to your organizational needs. We deliver top talent for your long-term workforce requirements by leveraging our proprietary Quantification framework and a business value-based hiring model.

  • Seamlessly ramp up permanent staffing.
  • Fill unique and complex roles with our contingency-based solutions.
  • Recruit top leaders for your organization with our retained search services.
  • Our recruiting solutions deliver hires who can meet your business goals.

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Contract Staffing

We offer a flexible solution for businesses requiring specialized skills for a project or short-term basis. Our network of professionals provides expertise without the burden of long-term commitments.

  • Access skilled professionals for specific projects or durations.
  • Secure expert talent for projects that require specialized knowledge.
  • We handle the people issues, so you can focus on your core business.
  • Explore international expertise for overseas projects without the complexities.

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Offshore Staffing

If you are exploring options of accessing global talent and leveraging the labor cost arbitrage, we can help you establish GDC’s without you having to worry about the administrative and legal hassles. We are able to deliver secure transaction processing solutions and bundled technology solutions while maintaining a human thin delivery solution.

  • Leverage labor cost arbitrage to reduce operational expenses.
  • Overcome immigration-related hurdles with our offshore staffing model.
  • Access to skills and expertise, not available on-shore
  • Minimize lead times and impact on business operations.
  • Maintain control over your offshore teams with our plug-and-play model.
In Ontario, QHRtechworx, a Staffing Solutions company, offers both Permanent and Contract Staffing services

Looking beyond the boundaries is the new success mantra in identifying and on-boarding talent.

If there has been any positive outcome from the unfortunate global pandemic, then it is the access to talent globally, thanks to the new normal ecosystem of remote working.

  • Retained Search

  • Permanent

  • Turnkey

  • Contract

  • Surge/ Seasonal Staffing

  • Offshore

Knowledge and Skill based staffing services and solutions

Knowledge and Skill based staffing services and solutions

  • Custom Solutions

    No two skills are alike and while identifying and sourcing such skill sets, it requires a custom approach. Our solutions are determined by the skills required and the number of resources required. The sourcing channel mix is driven by several factors and a significant investment is made to maintain the network of talent pool.

  • Expertise

    Identifying and screening talent requires a certain expertise and technical skill. We work with the hiring managers to develop the skill matrix and question bank. Our recruiters have several years of experience in hiring experienced professionals and they have a deep understanding of determining the proficiency levels of the resources based on the job description developed. Where required, we also use external domain experts in conducting screening interviews.

  • Data-Driven

    Our approach to recruiting is based on specific, measurable job-relevant skills and criteria that are informed by data analytics. This ensures that our solutions are optimized for efficiency and value.

  • Continuous Improvement

    There is never a day where we stop learning. We continually assess and enhance our staffing solutions, always striving to improve, update and adapt the service we offer.

  • Strong Relationships

    Our relationship with our clients and our candidates is built and fostered for success and a mutually beneficial gain and trust. Our team is dedicated in building and fostering trust and open communication.

  • Seamless Integration

    We believe that efficient management of customer relationships is an integral factor to achieve business growth. Our staffing solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate into our clients’ existing work processes and systems, minimizing disruption and maximizing productivity.

  • Skill-Focused

    At QHRtechworx, our staffing solutions are centred around identifying skills and proficiency levels required to deliver business goals and objectives. We apply skills-based frameworks to meet the demand for agility, urgency, and equity.

  • Comprehensive Assessment

    By using pre-employment assessment tools, our team gets insights into the candidates’ skills making the process much more efficient. A comprehensive evaluation process is employed to assess the skills and qualifications of candidates, ensuring the closest match with the requirements.

  • Cost-Effective

    The ability to hire resources within the compensation budget and at the lowest cost of acquisition helps clients reduce their hiring costs. Such hires not only become profitable for the clients, but also reduce training and reskilling costs. Our methodology tries to reduce the learning curve for new hires and also positively impacts the speed to market.

  • Time-Efficient

    We believe that recruiting process efficiency and effectiveness are very important to any organization. By focusing on and streamlining our skill-based placements, we are able to reduce the time and effort required for recruitment, allowing our clients to focus on their core business operations.

  • Strong Candidate Network

    Our team has developed a talent pipeline that ensures our clients’ chances of hiring the skills required to fuel their business growth. We aim to lower employee turnover by identifying decision levers and engaging with the candidates through the process. Our network of diverse skills and expertise, allows access to our clients to ramp up their business operations in the shortest period of time.

Industries Expertise

  • Your go-to place in Toronto for complete and effective IT Staffing Solutions is QHRtechworx


  • For specialized and effective Banking Staffing Solutions in Toronto, turn to QHRtechworx

    Banking and Financial Services

  • Healthcare

  • Retail

  • Transportation, Logistics and Warehousing

  • Hospitality

Vertical and functions we hire for

  • IT professionals
  • Sales and marketing professionals
  • Administrative staff
  • Corporate functions – Human Resources / Legal / Administration
  • And similar such roles – also called white collared
Unlock a world of abundant and diverse Job Opportunities in Ontario, expertly curated by QHRtechworx

Trade skills we hire for

  • Hospitality staff – Chefs / F&B executives / Ushers
  • Healthcare – Nurses / Technicians/ Radiologists etc
  • Warehouse operations – Fork lift operators / Store in-charge
  • Construction industry – Plumbers / Carpenters / Electricians etc.
  • Transportation and logistics – crane operators / Truck Drivers / Packers / delivery personnel
  • And several such other trade skills

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Developing job descriptions

Skill matrix development

Advisory service

Data visualisation and reporting

Governance and compliance

QHRtechworx provides Permanent And Contract Staffing  to clients across Toronto, GTA, Ottawa, Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary, And Vancouver.