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Talent Acquisition

Hiring for a full-time permanent role or staffing to manage business fluctuation? Our solutions
bring together strategic sourcing, detailed evaluation and a live network of experienced
professionals to meet your demands. Our focus is always on conversion ratios, quality of hires
and costs.

Recruiting faster, made simpler and more affordable

While the global pandemic was an unfortunate event, the disruption it caused opened up a whole new business opportunity and operating model. The increase in cloud operations and surge in business through E-commerce platforms has allowed aspiring entrepreneurs to launch their ventures and acquire clients at a fraction of the cost. Passion and hobbies have become commercial enterprise, which also increased competition resulting in fragmented market share and significantly lower margins.

The positive side of the disruption has been the lowering of global boundaries for talent. Today
specialised skills and capabilities are available for businesses to leverage and benefit from costs.
In the early 2000’s offshoring was on every business road map and it was essentially to benefit from the labour cost arbitrage. However, the situation now is not limited to the labour cost, but also access to good quality niche skills and at a lower cost base. Remote working has also benefitted the business by being able to hire resources globally without relocation challenges. The business dynamics as such that if the business is not taking the advantage of hiring resources globally, they are already in the high-risk zone of losing market share due to high price for their products / services. Outsourcing and/or offshoring is not a choice any longer, it is a must.

Our Secret Sauce
We Understand The Science Behind The Art of Hiring

QHRTechWorx Operating Framework

What would truly great hires do for your business?

What would you be able to do that you cannot do now when you hire the right people? 

What would happen if you hired the wrong people?

What would hiring the right people do to your market share/revenue?

Value Outcomes are the Measurement

What Good Looks Like is Clearly Articulated

Business Outcome Value is Articulated

The answers to these four questions determine the recruiting strategy. Here are some
examples of answers to these questions and how it helps determine the recruiting strategy:

1. An ideal sales person would grow the business by 20% each year.

2. The sales person would bring a live and first-hand connected network of decision
makers, where the sales person has influencing relationships.

3. Hiring mistakes cost 20x the compensation paid. Business must be able to determine the
value addition. Aside from the carrying costs, the business opportunity lost cost is
significantly high.

4. Recruiting the right resource often helps in both, improving client satisfaction and
engagement. Both of these usually result in a higher volume of business.

QHRtechworx offers the following recruiting solutions:

Executive recruiting – Retained Search

Contingency based


Contract staffing

Surge staffing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Interview Training:

The recruiters and hiring managers, must be trained and certified before they start interviewing. Aside from the risks of compliance, the probability is higher of losing good candidates to poor interviews. QHRtechworx conducts two-day training programs on competency based interviewing skills program. The program is a high intensity program with simulations and live interviews. Participants are trained on how to conduct an effective
interview, identify cues for skills and competencies and finally the ability to write a detailed and objective assessment and to score it.

QHRtechworx can also help create the yardstick to measure the quality of recruiting for each hiring manager.

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